As SPEAKER, Alexis fully captivates an audience by bringing her own life journey and life lessons to the stage. Raised by same sex parents, abandoned by her mother, years of Broadway and ballet experiences, being bi-racial, and caretaker to both her father and his life partner before she lost them both to AIDS, lends an intense density and power to her diverse speaking topics.

From New York to LA, Alexis has shared her story at venues from jam packed auditoriums and universities to rotary clubs. She is passionately motivated to share her personal story of a “show-biz” upbringing and her non-traditional family in the hope that it helps to positively alter people’s perceptions, encourage difference, and inspire love!

Here’s what a few people have to say about Alexis and her gift for speaking…

“Alexis WIlson is a natural storyteller! Her journey is important, her presence is captivating, and her ability to hold an audience effortless. It is my hope for Alexis that she have every opportunity to spread her inspiring story to the world!”

Michelle Alexander, speaker/author of The New York Times Bestseller THE NEW JIM CROW

“Alexis is a dynamic and moving speaker.  She tells a difficult story with humor, eloquence and humanity, using the richness of her unique upbringing to unify and inspire us.”

Kasi Lemmons, Fimmaker/Professor

“An evening with Alexis is a memorable delight.  She sparkles and shines like the lights of Broadway, her birthright.  Her story is a unique story of America – a bi-racial and non-traditional family, fame, tragedy and, above all, the incredible power of love.  A joyous, surprising, unforgettable evening.”

PK Sager, Esq.

“Alexis Wilson is part educator, part historian, part motivational speaker and a very engaging storyteller who reaches the innermost depths of your soul and senses with her breathtaking memoir, Not So Black and White.”

Charles Reece, International Speaker & Editor of James Baldwin Soul on Fire

“When Alexis Wilson speaks about her remarkable life journey, audiences can’t help but respond. Whether she’s speaking about growing up as the mixed-race daughter of an internationally acclaimed Dutch ballet diva and a famed choreographer; being abandoned by her mother after her parents’ divorce; or being raised by her father and his same-sex partner in the heart of the New York City world of dance in the 1970s, her heartfelt, personable style is marked with the poise and grace she must have exhibited on stage during her own career in dance.

 I would highly recommend Alexis Wilson as both a speaker and witness to her remarkable life journey!”          

Tony Marconi Former Chair of Delaware (Ohio) Gay Straight Christian Alliance